Industry Specific Training

Our training suites in both the Belfast and Dublin offices are well equipped and conducive to professional development. Course participants have the opportunity to learn lighting controls hands-on, design lighting programs, and make their rigging practice safe and compliant with current regulations. Participants learn through a combination of lectures led by expert practitioners, practical experience, and real-life trial and error sessions in the use of specific equipment, all accompanied by extensive documentation and training manuals. Course levels are clearly identified, so that participants can decide whether they would like to book introductory, intermediate or expert level. We can also design and deliver bespoke training programmes on request.

Training for Schools

PSI offers help within education by improving school drama curricula. Our School Production Team engages with teachers and pupils to ensure school events look professional and deliver key learnings. The School Production Team - consisting of a director, a set designer, a lighting technician and an actor - can accompany a school production, whether it’s for a theatre play, concert or ceremonial event, and enhance its appearance and impact, while encouraging teachers and pupils to develop their creativity. Our WYSIWYG suite can be employed to advance design ideas and check their feasibility before going into production.


In October 2015, PSI became the first ever Northern Ireland business to employ apprentices in Technical Theatre in a two-year apprenticeship at level 3. In 2016, we recruited a further two young people.

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