TPi Magazine: Liam Gallagher

PSI co-founder Sean Pagel regularly heads out on tour, most recently with the enigmatic Liam Gallagher. TPi Magazine caught up with the tour and included this section on the rigging.

“The past two tours I’ve done with this production have been festival campaigns that require our package to fit in around house festival equipment, so it’s been great to have a full touring rig,” Tour Rigger, Sean Pagel told TPi. As the sole member of the tour’s rigging team, additional local rigger calls ask for eight climbers and four grounders, to 12 over six, venue dependant.  In the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool, Pagel explained that riggers don’t climb in the roof; instead, two cherry pickers are used to hang motors at height. “It’s great here because the venue riggers pre-rig before we come in, so the top rigging is already in place. 

“You still have to mark out and verify the points of course, and once marked, the riggers use the cherry pickers to hook on. It all goes in pretty quickly,” he underlined. “Any venue doing a pre-rig for you is a God send!” For the majority of the tour, Pagel’s heaviest single element and first priority is the back wall of lighting. “The Claypaky Sharpy mother truss behind the video screen is on five two-tonne motors, with 26 sub hung motors. The front screen header trusses are on six two-tonne motors, with a further 14 sub hung hoists, so these, plus 80 rigging points for lighting, audio and video give us a healthy motor count.” Pagel furthered: “Although there are more than 120 motors, as it’s constructed in mother grid style, it keeps the overall point count down.” 

The fully installed rig weighed in at just over 35 tonnes at all venues in the UK bar Cardiff, where some design changes were made due to the building’s low roof. The PA hangs are weighted at 1,800kg for the mains and 1,200kg on the sides. Skan PA supplied all audio hoists and Neg Earth Lights supplied all EXE Rise Hoists, much to Pagel’s delight. “I’ve loved using them; I haven’t experienced a single issue all tour, so I’m very pleased with their performance,” he concluded.

Read the full article in the January 2020 issue of TPi Magazine